Behavior Tool

This companion to the Spritesheet Generator was also built in Adobe AIR for KlickNation. The tool imported the Spritesheet Generator's exported files (color, opacity, and data) to allow the data to be augmented for use with the game Six Gun Galaxy.

Animations from the spritesheet could be played, looped, and stepped through. The framerate could be adjusted as could the range of frames within an animation, so the actual looping parts could be determined. The tool allowed each animation to be given any number of Behaviors, which stored relationships between frames and actions, as well as the meaning of framesets themselves. When characters fired a weapon, the tool could record the frame, 2D origin, and spritesheet of the projectile. The same could be specified for status effect emblems and muzzle flash particles. Sound effects could be associated with a specific animation frame. Finally, the character's virtual center point could be specified visually. The center point is the point at which the character should visually contact with the "ground" of the 2.5D game.

After the struggles of building the Spritesheet Generator, this app was relatively simple to build. It had no native code to run, so it could be built successfully on a single computer. The tool exported the data in a modified version of the data XML that it imports, so it's overall feature scope was rather small.


  • Mac + PC
  • Drag-and-drop import
  • Spritesheet animation playback and looping
  • Setup of fade in, fade out, and looping animations
  • Visual setup of particle effect locations and virtual center point
  • Setup of associated sound effects and other sprite animations
  • Fully non-modal interface