Every story has a beginning, middle, and end. Let's start in the middle.

Hired by Ciere Consulting
Hired by KlickNation
KlickNation acquired by BioWare
Defended thesis, received Master's Degree from DigiPen
Hired by LSUS through Cyber Innovation Center
Successfully obtained 493 different Pokémon at the same time (all known species)
Began DigiPen Master's program
Received Bachelor's Degree from LSUS
1st Place Website Design (larockclub.com)
Awarded Graham ITRC Certificate of Excellence
Hired as ITA for LSU's Vision Louisiana program
Graduated High School
Began Bachelor's program at LSU
Awarded Masonic Honesty and Integrity Award
Discovered my love of programming
3rd Place Nationally for Junior Article
Began Homeschooling
Hiked to bottom of Grand Canyon
Baptised into Christ Jesus
Awarded Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do